Micropure Water Treatment





Micropur Classic
Micropur Classic inactivates bateria in water tanks & containers.
It is ecologically friendly and keeps water free of germs, algae and odours.
Technology: Silver ions, preserve water for up to six months
Contact time: 2 Hours
Powder Shelf Life: 10 years

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Tank Vent Filters

shelcoHydrophobic PTFE Membrane Tank Vent Capsules

Medium 0.2 micron absolute. 1/2" Male NPT ports.

Medium 0.2 micron absolute. 1.5" sanitary flanged ports.

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MiscellaneousA high performance, silicone based, translucent non-toxic paste developed for use as a lubricant and protectant for rubber and metal. It is non-conductive, water resistant and protects against corrosion.


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Shelco Stainless Steel Cartridge Range

shelcoAvailable In 304L & 316L Stainless Steel Construction

Cylindrical or Pleated available for added surface area

For temperatures up to 260 degrees Celsius


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